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Air Abrasion

How would you like to have cavities treated and fillings placed without needing shots or drilling? We have a method that is a patient favorite in our office. It's called air abrasion. When we see you, we will determine if you are a candidate.

Air abrasion is a drill-less and gentler approach to remove decay from the teeth. An air abrasion unit is a small instrument that blasts a fine stream of air and particles on the teeth to spray away decay. It simply feels like a gentle puff of air! The small particles are made of silica, aluminum oxide or baking soda and aid in cleaning the tooth surface. Air abrasion allows for decay to be quickly removed while still preserving healthy tooth structure. The particles and decay are then suctioned out of the mouth. It's quiet, quick and the best part is there is no waiting after the appointment is over. You can have food and drink immediately after you leave.

Air abrasion is gentle because it generates no heat, sound, pressure or vibration. It also reduces the need for anesthesia, making it an ideal choice for children and those who experience dental anxiety.

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